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Specialized articles in reinraum online, Ausgabe 01/2018: 4D-Mobilität bei variabel einsetzbaren Reinraumanlagen (german)

MK Versuchsanlagen 4D-Mobilitaet

Aus: reinraum online 1/2018, S. 7f.

Specialized articles in ReinRaumTechnik, issue 2/2016: metal-free research environment (german)

MK Oldenburg RRT Artikel

Aus: ReinRaumTechnik 2/2016, S. 38f.

Fairs, exhibitions and conventions

We are happy to display you our products and services. Constantly we show our systems and equipment on conventions, congresses and fairs to give you an insight into our innovative products.

Metal-free clean room technology from MK Versuchsanlagen at Cleanzone 2017 in Frankfurt

MK metal-free cleanrooms at cleanzone 2017

On two days, MK Versuchsanlagen presented at the fair cleanzone 2017 in Frankfurt / M. its latest developments in cleanroom technology. In addition to the workstations, there were also cleanroom elements with flush mounting elements as well as glove testing systems. The MK highlight of the fair was the 3-D live-view of a complete cleanroom in virtual reality.

Glove Testing Systems from MK Versuchsanlagen at the COPHEX 2017 in South Korea

MK Glove Tester Cophex 2017

MK Glove Testing Systems Cophex 2017

Our korean partner and distributor Young Sciences, Inc. presented the newest generation of MK Glove Testing Systems in Seoul during the COPHEX 2017 from April 18th to 21st. At the pharmaceutical industry fair various ideas about quality improvement and product developments were presented. Conferences and seminars complemented the event.

PHARMA CONGRESS Production & Technology 2017, Dusseldorf, Germany

MK Glove Testing Systems Pharma Kongress Duesseldorf

Pharma Congress 2017 Dusseldorf MK Logo

From March 28-29 we exhibited at Pharma Congress in Dusseldorf.

INTERPHEX 2017, New York, USA

Interphex 2017 New York MK Logo

From March 21–23 we presented MK Glove Testing Systems at the Interphex in New York.